NoneAll of them are scripted. One of my friend worked with most of them as a coordinator and assistant cinematographer. He revealed that all these shows have dark sides too.


  • You will only get to play the game if you accept to pay the channel 75% of your winning amount. If you’re knocked out in the middle you will get the winning amount only if your episode is broadcasted, or else nothing.

Indian Idol

  • You will get to compete only if you’re a student of their music academy. If you’re not, you will have to pay them a fee every week till you’re competing. They will make up stories for TRP and tell you to describe how poor you are and how much Indian Idol means to you.


  • It’s a simple funda. Pay and get selected. the highest bid always wins.

Big Boss

  • When they’re not shooting they’re actually eating Pizza, browsing Facebook and watching porn. Whatever they say on the frame it’s scripted. Mark my words. WHATEVER. The winner is decided even before they start Shooting the first episode because of course they have to make it look more real for the audience to believe it’s genuine. The most fake reality show of India.


  • It’s all about favoring. They don’t give a darn about your voice.

Khatron Ke Khiladi

  • Ever wondered why such fluffy egg shaped boys who never attended an athletic event in life take part in this show? Because, it’s all about the highest bid.


  • You thought they were real couples? You thought they really love each other and are heavenly enchanted? LOLOLOLOL……The small shows too are fake. It’s just that not on the level of the ones listed above. But one thing is sure. Each and every reality show in India, be it small or big, the only thing the contestants have to do to keep participating is – FAVOURING